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The inevitable episode on TV Shows and Movies, covering questions everyone's been asking like: Why Georgie really doesn’t like movies, never finished watching Breaking Bad, and knows the entire dialogue to Terminator 2; and why Geoff likes durians except when they’re flying across screens. The real ep. 10

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The inevitable episode on TV Shows and Movies, covering questions everyone's been asking like: Why Georgie really doesn’t like movies, never finished watching Breaking Bad, and knows the entire dialogue to Terminator 2; and why Geoff likes durians except when they’re flying across screens. The real ep. 10

Georgie has only seen 20 movies in a theatre in her life (read the blog post). Listing them all because it’s purely amusing that she can list them, most people probably can’t tbh.

  1. A Bug’s Life (1998)
  2. Madeline (1998)
  3. Treasure Planet (2002)
  4. Charlie’s Angels 2 (2003)
  5. Troy (2004)
  6. Robots (2005)
  7. Failure to Launch (2006)
  8. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)
  9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
  10. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)
  11. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)
  12. The Book Thief (2013)
  13. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  14. Interstellar (2014)
  15. Love, Rosie (2014)
  16. Paddington (2014)
  17. The Water Diviner (2015)
  18. Rogue One (2016)
  19. The Last Jedi (2017)
  20. The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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Episode Transcription

Geoff 0:01
Welcome back to another episode of Toast and Roast. I am your co-host Geoff and as always with the lovely Georgie, how’s it going Georgie.

Georgie 0:11
Hello, it's going. We're on episode 10 today I think.

Geoff 0:15
Holy shit. To be honest

Georgie 0:18
To be honest, it's actually 11 because we lost one but you know, don’t tell anybody.

Geoff 0:22
That’s, we don't, we don't want to dwell on mistakes. This is Episode 10 everyone Jedi mind trick away the missing episode. But yeah, I think I didn't think we're gonna get to Episode 10. But actually you know what 10 episodes means 10 weeks and 10 weeks means it's been two and a half months of doing the podcast. So I think we done pretty okay.

Georgie 0:54
Yeah, stayed committed for 10, 10 weeks plus a random week where we did some admin plus the lost episode week.

Geoff 1:03
Yeah, yeah. I think it's all about the learning process. Also. I mean, when was the last time you ever committed to something? Oh, actually, you go you go to the gym every fucking day

Georgie 1:16

Geoff 1:17
That's like, major.

Georgie 1:19
Yeah, I go to my couch. And I, you know, do some leg exercises these days?

Geoff 1:25
Yeah. I don't know. What was the last thing I committed to that lasted like 10 weeks?

Georgie 1:33
Consistently, like every week sort of thing?

Geoff 1:35
Yeah, consistently, every week. You know, some people, they they get plants and they kind of like commit to keeping plants alive. Or, like, I mean, I commit to TV shows. They, they span years.

Georgie 1:51
That’s a bit different. That's like, you're not, there's not as much activity involved as committing to like, a project.

Geoff 1:59
Oh, oh, but Georgie. You have to be committed to turn it on. Think of all the other things that could be watching.

Georgie 2:07
I don’t watch much television. I know. You could just keep rewatching The Fugitive like I keep doing.

Geoff 2:12
Man. Yeah, you have like 10 movies, you just cycle through what's going on?

Georgie 2:18
Like, that's potentially how it works for me, I've just, I'm not really into watching movies in general.

Geoff 2:28
Why is that.

Georgie 2:30
I don't, well, it's, I don't love sitting there for a long period of time watching something, I sort of feel like my life is wasting away. It doesn't feel like a good use of my time, personally.

Geoff 2:46

Georgie 2:46
And I just always feel like it's too long of a period to be sitting down without doing anything else. Like I would like you know, intermission toilet break kind of thing. So I can't really stand movies that are much longer than like 90 minutes.

Geoff 3:04
Right, so you don't feel like it's a productive use of your time watching a movie.

Georgie 3:09
Yeah, I don't. And that's why I like to rewatch movies I've already seen because I tend to watch it in the background while I'm working on something else. Or I could be I could be stretching or doing chores, something that doesn't really require my attention and I think this also why I kind of enjoy shitty, like rom coms, which I don't have to pay a ton of attention to.

Geoff 3:36

Georgie 3:38
At the same time though, and I think somebody tweeted about this. They said someone does like example person doesn't want to watch a two hour movie or two and a half hour movie, but they will gladly sit there and binge watch like 10 episodes of like a show and they're all like 30 minutes each, and they'll just sit they will be there for the whole afternoon, and that sounds like me but it just feels like there's more of a break and less of a tax on, on your, on you mentally, when there's like a season of like short episodes because there's like seems to be a break between each episode. And even if you continue watching like, it, there's there's no the investment in the characters, I guess feels different if you're watching bloody like, Lord of the Rings or some shit.

Geoff 4:26
It sounds like you're non committal.

Georgie 4:31

Geoff 4:33
You can out anytime you want between 10 episodes but with a movie, you got to sit the two hours or two and a half hours or whatever to watch and get to know these characters.

Georgie 4:46

Geoff 4:49
Well that's pretty interesting. I what I know I have a friend who is pretty much like that who like can't really sit still even for TV shows like they'll have to they have to go out the around to do stuff while TV show’s happening. And if it's a movie that isn't, I don't know super inside their interests of like Lord of the Rings or, or horror movies. Actually horror movies we'll get back to that in a second. But yeah they can’t sit still, they gotta walk around and clean and it really it gets, um, it grinds my gears and grinds my gears. It’s that if you decide if you said yes to like watching a movie, and you're not actually watching it, then I'm like, what are we, what are we doing? I could just go off and watch a different movie. We didn't even have to, like, come to a consensus on a movie. And particularly movies I've already seen. Like, if I'm trying to get someone to, into a movie, and they agree to it, but then they're not watching it. This is not like not a movie for me.

Georgie 6:01
So it's like a social thing for you.

Geoff 6:04
Yeah, I think especially cinema cinemas go into cinemas and watching movies. I only go with friends.

Georgie 6:11
Yeah, I’m not a fan.

Geoff 6:14
You’re trapped right.

Georgie 6:15
Yeah I’m trapped I can't like pause the thing to go to the toilet. It's dark. It's uncomfortable out of just I'm not a fan of the environment.

Geoff 6:25
It's very murdery. You know. You never know when someone’s just going to stab you.

Georgie 6:33
At the same time. There's probably like a couple getting it on. Up in the back.

Geoff 6:39
Yeah, I never understood what the appeal was people getting it on in cinemas.

Georgie 6:44
It's it's the thrill. I think it's the same with

Geoff 6:46
Ah the voyeurism.

Georgie 6:47
Same with other public places. There’s a, there’s a thrill to it.

Geoff 6:55
But moving away from that topic.

Georgie 6:57
You said horror horror films, which I’m not a fan of.

Geoff 6:59
Yeah, horror films. Yeah, so horror films I don't really treat as horror like horrifying films like films that scare me. My friend and I, we watch horror films as entertain, like entertainment, like funny comedic entertainment.

Georgie 7:15
So you’re talking about the ones that are a bit more like gory and unrealistic versus the ones that are like psych, psychological thrillers.

Geoff 7:26
Kind of, we've, we've kind of spanned the spectrum, like there’s Friday the 13th, right, I don't know if how many people know the plot. But essentially, there is a lake house. And teenagers always try to open up this like camp out there. And there's a kid who died in the lake, like 10, 15, 20 odd years ago. And he goes around and kills everybody in the lake house. And it's one of those, like, kind of B-grade ones. Like you said, well, it's more it's more about the gory. This ghost like person going around stabbing all these teenagers while still having sex normally. Normally, they're having sex and he just like kills them. So anytime anyone tries to get it on. He kind of like kills them.

Georgie 8:19
Let me guess the rest of this film is like teens trying to get it on. And it keeps happening because they keep getting it on.

Geoff 8:30
The correlation isn't exact. But it's like it happens so frequently that it's kind of hard not to say that they're getting it on therefore they will die.

Georgie 8:40
So it's almost like one of the laugh factors.

Geoff 8:43
That’s one of the laugh factors and there's always like the last the last person standing right.

Georgie 8:49
Are they single?

Geoff 8:52
The person standing is neither gets naked nor has sex with anybody so most most of the time yes.

Georgie 8:59
So they could be single like you're not

Geoff 9:02
They’re the only not like the only single in that group of friends.

Georgie 9:06
Yeah, but what if they were like touching themselves? Does that count?

Geoff 9:10
I don't I don't know if I don’t know that Jason has that a like a penchant for that.

Georgie 9:18
So I haven't seen the movie. I actually I haven't seen the movie so it's good to have this background.

Geoff 9:27
Maybe I described a completely different... No, no camp house is stalked and murdered by unknown assailant. Camp Crystal Lake. The thing is, there's so many of these movies it's basically every two years

Georgie 9:44
It’s like a trope?

Geoff 9:44
It becomes a trope yeah, every two years some group of camp like camp organisers think, Hey, this Crystal Lake camp. We know there’s like five years ago, there was like a mass like murder a serial killer. So, but that was five years ago, so let's open up again.

Georgie 10:03
Do it anyway.

Geoff 10:05
Do it anyways, every five years they'll do it anyways, and the same dude comes along and kills everybody.

Georgie 10:11
Do they go at the same time? Like every time there's a Friday the 13th? Is that why.

Geoff 10:15
Yeah, I think it happens on Friday 13th every fucking five years they

Georgie 10:21
So hang on so it's a franchise, does that mean they're multiple movies of Friday the 13th, there’s like a sequel and stuff.

Geoff 10:29
Oh there’s so many, there’s like...

Georgie 10:31
Is it called Friday the 14th?

Geoff 10:32
It’s never, it's not Friday the 14th, that’d be really annoying.

Georgie 10:37
What’s it called, oh, part 2.

Geoff 10:39
Seven seven, like six, five, six. Yes. There’s Friday the 13th part 6.

Georgie 10:45
Okay, so it's got, wow so it’s got even more installments then. What's that, what's that franchise, Fast and Furious. It's got even more

Geoff 10:53
Oh Fast and Furious. They're up to Fast 9 or 10? I think.

Georgie 10:57
Yeah. So Friday the 13th is up to like, what se–

Geoff 11:02

Georgie 11:03
I don't even know.

Geoff 11:05
At least seven or eight. How many of there are there? Why is no one counting this for me? How many Friday the 13th movies are there? 12. Yeah, it's got more than Fast and Furious.

Georgie 11:14
Do you think they'll stop at 13? Because it's Friday the 13th.

Geoff 11:17
That would be really interesting. Hey...

Georgie 11:19
They're just like, Who cares? Right? That's why so many movies already.

Geoff 11:23
The budget was $550,000 and it earned $59.8 million. Back in 1980. I think this is not quite horror horror.

Georgie 11:35
Cult following?

Geoff 11:35
But yeah, it's got a cult following for sure. I mean, they've been making it like they've even got one in 2009. So great. Don't they have one this year? 2020

Georgie 11:47
It’s 2021 dude.

Geoff 11:49
Here we go. Here’s a, here’s a reboot. 2020.

Georgie 11:53
That’s last year.

Geoff 11:55
Yeah. Did I watch that one? I can't remember. Anyways, so my friend. One day got really fed up. Of Me referencing horror movies and action movies I've never seen like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Georgie 12:11
So they made you watch one of them. Yeah, actually. So you know, the quotes from certain movies, like really popular that were that are mentioned in pop culture, but you have not actually seen some of those films.

Geoff 12:26
Exactly. So my friend was very upset

Georgie 12:28
Get to the chopper.

Geoff 12:30
Get to the chopper. And then so they created a whole list of all the movies like, you know, Friday the 13th. Halloween, all the classics, and then Alien, which is where that I think, is Alien or Predator. Either one. That's where it came from.

Georgie 12:54
I actually don’t know myself.

Geoff 12:57
Yeah, just watched them all. So caught up on all of the Friday the 13th, all the Halloween stuff. There‘s lots of Halloween movies. How many Halloween.

Georgie 13:06
I think I asked you have you seen Terminator? And you said you didn't?

Geoff 13:10
Oh, yeah, I haven't seen Terminator. I also quote, I'll be back, because everyone does. You know.

Georgie 13:15
So like the Terminator 2 was a movie I watched. I don't ask my parents why they let me watch it. But I think I was like 10 or 11 years old. And yeah, I remember watching Terminator 2. Do you know that movie Speed with Keanu Reeves?

Geoff 13:33
Yes, Speed.

Georgie 13:34
Yeah so I watched that. And there were a couple of other movies that I watched around the age of like 10, 11. And my parents recorded it off the TV, right? And so we obviously had all the ad breaks kind of recorded. And you would skip ahead on the VHS. And, like skip all the ads. And I had I watched those movies so many times that I remembered the dialogue.

Geoff 14:00
Yeah, and you didn't think that's a great, like use of your time? Well be entertained.

Georgie 14:07
I mean, I don't know. It's just I, well, I don't think it's a waste of my time. It may not be the best use of my time, either. But, you know, like I said, these days. It's kind of like this thing I just want to put on in the background while I go and do something else. So that's sort of where I see the use of my time, but like, I just don't want to just sit there and watch a movie. Unless it's something that I haven't watched and know that I will enjoy. And yeah, I don't know, I'm just, I'm just not really into it. It will take a lot for somebody to make me sit down and watch a movie that they recommend. And I guess I think you said that your friend’s not really into some certain genres and things. So like you wouldn't be able to get me to watch a horror film. Like I'm just not

Geoff 14:56

Georgie 14:56
I don't enjoy them. Whereas like I think what I tend to watch it I used to watch a lot of action now I'm not as much into it I just like watching cheesy dumb shit like rom coms, comedy. Just basically what people call like, fucking bad films. I mean, I like I like sort of niche things as well, I think. Like sometimes I like some foreign films like indie films.

Geoff 15:25
So you're, you're more inclined to watch TV shows rather than movies.

Georgie 15:33
I am, but I also don't watch too many TV shows either.

Geoff 15:37
What was the last TV show you watched?

Georgie 15:39
Like as in? Okay. Oh, yeah. I watched a series on Netflix which had one season. You could tell I don't like commitment, right? It was called. I am, I Am Not Okay with This. I can't remember if it was based on a comic book series.

Geoff 15:56
Sounds too deep.

Georgie 15:57
It sounds fucking niche as well, right.

Geoff 16:02
I'm not okay...

Georgie 16:04
I Am Not Okay with This. Yeah, I think they said it was renewed for another season. It's an eight. It was an interesting thing about basically this girl finds out that like she's going through high school. And she finds out she has like a kind of superpower. I don't know if it's a spoiler, by the way.

Geoff 16:26
Okay, a teenager navigates the complexities of high school family and her sexuality while dealing with new superpowers based on Chris Charles. Sorry, Chris Charles Foreman's Forsman.

Georgie 16:38
Yeah. So actually, Charles Forsman also wrote, I mean, not wrote, yeah, I mean, he had another comic called The End of the Fucking World. And I think, I think I've told you how obsessed I am with that TV show, cuz that got made into two seasons.

Geoff 16:56
Yeah, I mean, yeah.

Georgie 16:58
I’m into niche weird stuff.

Geoff 17:01
Yeah, to be fair, I haven't watched a movie by myself in a long time. Like, I've got a stack of movies. Whereas it? Yeah, I've got a stack of movies. And I don't watch them by myself. The only time I watch movies is with with other people.

Georgie 17:20
Yeah, I don’t love watching movies by myself. Actually, I watched a movie by myself at home. I watched Office Space, because I was just looking for something to watch.

Geoff 17:29
I’ve never heard of it.

Georgie 17:30
Yeah, you’d like it I reckon.

Geoff 17:33
Yeah, I’ve watched The Office. Oh, I rewatch TV shows like that. I think that I do prefer a TV shows over movies.

Georgie 17:45
To rewatch?

Geoff 17:46
Maybe, for me, TV shows are better than movies because you get more episodes, because you get like, you get more time to, I guess get invested in the plot, and they have more time to create a good plot. Even if it's like a questionable plot, eventually, it will like have some kind of, you know, redeeming factor about it. But the when you get to a movie, they're heavily condensed to like two and a half hours. And there's a debate about the movie coming out called Dune. I don't know if you heard about it.

Georgie 18:24
I haven’t heard of it.

Geoff 18:25
But it's based on a book. I think it's based on more than one book.

Georgie 18:31
Oh, wait. I've heard people talk about actually. Yeah.

Geoff 18:34
Yeah. So this movie is a there's a debate about whether or not it should just be like a four hour movie. And it should have intermissions. So yeah, not to try do like a trilogy or anything.

Georgie 18:52
My friend mentioned this one now that I remember. Excuse me. Yeah, he said that he's almost worried about the, what they're going to do, because he really likes the books.

Geoff 19:04

Georgie 19:06
Yeah, I can. I can understand that. Because I used to be a really avid book reader. And I would kind of be reluctant to watch any film or TV show that might be based on a book for fear that it would ruin the book, so to speak.

Geoff 19:25
I would trust the TV show.

Georgie 19:27
Well, they’re different mediums right, and like nothing can really beat your imagination, which is I think, where that worry and uncertainty comes from.

Geoff 19:38
True, true.

Georgie 19:39
Yeah, based on what you just said that about, you know, movies versus TV shows when it comes to like production time and stuff. Yeah, I think TV shows and being a little bit better. I mean, I don't know if I can make a proper comparison point but, but then don’t you see some of those um, there's some books that get turned into, or there's a movie adaptation. And then they do a TV show adaptation after that, and sometimes the TV show adaptation is just worse. Like, I can't think of an example. But you hear from like critics and you hear from the public, that that, it's like, why did you do that? You made a movie, and then you just go off and you make a TV show as well, which is like, twice as bad. I don't know, yeah.

Geoff 20:30
Maybe maybe the rule of thumb here is that if your movie was successful, don't try and milk it with a TV show, because the TV show is gonna be bad. But if you made a TV show, and it's good, don't try and milk it and make a movie. Except Firefly, I believe.

Georgie 20:46
I haven’t seen it.

Geoff 20:47
Firefly’s movie was good. Stargate’s movie was good. Yeah, I don't know. The Dune thing is looks pretty good. I've never read books or even heard of it. But a book I did read quite a few times was Ender's Game. I don't know if you’ve heard of it.

Georgie 21:09
I’ve heard of it.

Geoff 21:09
But yeah, but they it's a child fuelled army, children army, an army of children, army of children, essentially. And it's got a lot of psychological stuff in there. Of course, when you take a 12, 10 or 12 year old and put them in an army, it's not going to turn out very well. But the, I read that book, and then I watched the movie, and I thought the movie condensed where it needed to condense like you met a couple of characters earlier than you would have in the book, but just because of time constraints. So I gave it like, I rated it because they didn't mess up the story. They didn't, they just moved some character introductions earlier. Or, like skipped a couple things. Yeah.

Georgie 22:04
So it was like true to basically it was an adaptation that was true to the book, and they didn't change anything. It could have angered anyone who was like a fan of them.

Geoff 22:16
Yeah. I don't think Yeah, I don't know if anyone was ever really angry with it. But from, from that one experience, I was like, okay, they actually did an okay job condensing the plot, so that it fit in one and a half movie – or one and a half hours. But of course, you know, not all of the movies that are based off books turn out very good. Yes, I was really angry about.

Georgie 22:47
I haven't, like watched any, recently. But I remember having, like watching a few films, where I just feel like they ruined the book because they basically completely changed something. You know, like, that's so not the way to go. But you know, that's me as a person who really liked the book. And you know, the movie is like, I mean, that's why it's called an adaptation, right? Like, I don't expect the movie to be amazing. But as it stands as a movie itself, it might actually be something that somebody else likes, which is fair enough.

Geoff 23:25
Yeah, the majority of people who go watch the movie probably have never read the book. And, you know, I, I stopped reading Harry Potter books when the Harry Potter movies came out. I think I was like halfway through the Goblet of Fire or something like that. Damn, that book is so long. But the movie came out. And I was like, Okay, nevermind. Stop reading the book halfway, watch the movie.

Georgie 23:54
So like, I'm not a big Harry Potter fan. I've read, I've read, I've read the first book. And that is it. I have watched some of the movies. In fact, I've probably just by way of being roped in by friends have actually seen all the movies, I think?

Geoff 24:14
Is it one of those fads that you just wanted to get away from.

Georgie 24:18
Yeah, you actually write like I saw, I remember. Around the time the Philosopher's Stone first book came out, but I'm just I said first book, because I don't know who else here just doesn't know about Harry Potter. But I was gonna mention as well that it's such a thing in popular culture that I know so much about Harry Potter, just by way of it being around me, even though I've literally only read the first book. But anyway, I was in primary school. I think I was in year four. So about nine years old when the first book came out, and I had a friend who was obsessing over it. And I just, I don't know, I just wasn't into it. I liked, I really liked reading from it. A very young age. So I was reading a lot of books from the library, but I think it was just that I have never really taken a liking to fantasy fiction. Like I love sci fi.

Geoff 25:12

Georgie 25:13
Yeah, I really liked sci fi. And, like, like adventure, but not specifically like fantasy fish, it was a little bit too far out there and too like, made up for me to like, give a shit even from a young age. So yeah, and then what happened was, I think I had a friend actually suggest me to read the first Harry Potter, like just the first one. Like, when I was 18 or something and so I read that and I just didn't continue.

Geoff 25:47
Yeah. Wow, and so Harry Potter is too far fetched for you. Sci fi is much better, I guess.

Georgie 25:57
Although sci fi has like two different, I reckon it goes one of two different ways. First one is like, you know, Douglas Adams. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Geoff 26:07
I do know that, yeah.

Georgie 26:08
Yeah. So it's a little bit. Okay, that's fine. But it's like it's a bit zany. It's a bit weird. It's really quirky. And that kind of that kind of sci fi, where everything is a little bit odd. And then or it goes in another direction, which is really political. It's about hierarchy. It's about power. And I'm just so not into that. I'm into like, space adventures, like, take me to some random world where you're gonna have like, people, you know, who dress up funny or something like that. But yeah, you take like, give me a book that's about like, politics and sci fi and I'll just, just nup.

Geoff 26:46
Have you seen Jupiter Ascending or even heard about it.

Georgie 26:51
Nup, tell me more about it.

Geoff 26:53
This is, this is a crazy one. So.

Georgie 26:56
Worst movie ever? Okay.

Geoff 26:58
Yeah, yeah, it really was one of the worst movies. But basically, it is a Cinderella, a sci fi Cinderella cross with like this Beauty and the Beast type vibe. Cross with every sci fi trope you can think of. So people are looking for infinite health and the infinite health is based on like a Philosopher's Stone type theory where, you know, taking lives from other people to create this thing that gives other people a mortality. Right? So you get that whole, like political sci fi that you're talking about. And then and then there's obviously a hierarchy where like these these super rich or like, basically royalty, who are the ones who are like controlling the substance that gives you mortality and stuff like that. So the funny thing is that the Cinderella story is like, this girl is basically – I don't know if it's a spoiler – but she's, she's the re... On no I can’t spoil that, anyone who wants to watch it should, yeah.

Georgie 28:10
Spoiler alert.

Geoff 28:10
And then it's like a mishmash. It's like a smorgasbord, a buffet, of every sci fi trope, you can think of, all smashed into one and it has Eddie Redmayne. So –

Georgie 28:22
Oh, wait, is that the guy who played uh, Stephen Hawking.

Geoff 28:28

Georgie 28:29

Geoff 28:30
And it has Eddie Redmayne? And you're just like, how is this movie so trash but has Eddie Redmayne in it has Mila Kunis has Mila Kunis and

Georgie 28:44

Geoff 28:45
What’s his name.

Georgie 28:47
You know, that sounds cheesy and bad at the same time.

Geoff 28:50
Mila Kunis Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne.

Georgie 28:56
This sounds terrible. I would not watch it.

Geoff 29:01
So my co workers like organize this outdoor cinema viewing of this movie. And I was sitting there going,

Georgie 29:10
Did they know what it was?

Geoff 29:12
I didn't know, they picked it. And I was sitting there going, Holy fucking shit. What is this movie? I don't even understand what's going on. And it's so shallow and it's so mishmash and the, but, but – having said that, after watching it three times, because I can't get enough of watching

Georgie 29:34
How bad it is?

Geoff 29:35
Wathcing other people watch this movie.

Georgie 29:36

Geoff 29:38
So when I find the bad movie, I want other people to experience it kind of like The Room.

Georgie 29:43
Yeah. Yeah.

Geoff 29:45
Right. I–

Georgie 29:46
You’re tearing me apart Lisa.

Geoff 29:48
You’re tearing me apart Lisa. Why you do you do this to me? Don’t you love me?

Georgie 29:53
Oh hi Mark.

Geoff 29:53
Oh hi Mark. So you’ve seen this?

Georgie 29:57
Yeah, totally.

Geoff 30:00
I went to see this. I wanted to see this the original

Georgie 30:04
You wanted to see the cult.

Geoff 30:05
Because of the second one came out, because the second was coming out.

Georgie 30:08
I didn’t know there was a second one?

Geoff 30:09
So the second one is called the Disaster Artist. And it's basically–

Georgie 30:13
Oh, right right, is it actually I thought that it was a commentary on the whole experience of

Geoff 30:19
Yeah, yeah

Georgie 30:20
Recording The Room?

Geoff 30:22
It's, um, it's what's his name? I can't remember James Franco.

Georgie 30:27

Geoff 30:28
He's he he, was basically doing a film about shooting The Room as a film.

Georgie 30:35
Yeah. So what you saw that before you saw The Room?

Geoff 30:39
No, I saw it was coming out. And I was like

Georgie 30:41

Geoff 30:41
What's this about? There’s a second one?

Georgie 30:43
Okay cool cool.

Geoff 30:43
So I went and watched the original. I do that a lot though. Like, Ghost in the Shell. I saw the Scarlett Johansson one coming out. So

Georgie 30:52
You’re like I’m watching

Geoff 30:52
The original one.

Georgie 30:54

Geoff 30:54
First. Yeah. Is it called Ghost in the Shell? Yeah.

Georgie 30:58
Yeah. Do you do that because like, potentially, like, because you want to have the background of the first one or because you think the first one might be better? I mean I guess that depends on what it is. Right.

Geoff 31:12
I do it primarily

Georgie 31:13
You’ve seen the drama about Scarlett Johansson.

Geoff 31:17
I was so

Georgie 31:18
Like white chick plays a Japanese girl. Yeah.

Geoff 31:21
I was so annoyed. Like. Yeah, I watched the original one because I'm like, Oh, this is based on something. Yeah, I'd like to have prior knowledge on what it's based on. Dune had a 1980s film that apparently wasn't very good. So I haven't watched it. It's also like two hours long. Ain't nobody got time for that. So I'll go into Dune blind. But I'd watched Ghosts in the Shell original, because it was an anime that I knew of that I hadn't watched yet. And I was like, oh okay, then making a live action version. I might as well check out the original anime that I haven't seen yet.

Georgie 31:58

Geoff 31:58
And my God, when she opened the door, and her, her mum, her Japanese mum answered it. I was like, No fucking way. She is supposed to be Japanese.

Georgie 32:14
Wait so she plays the mum. She plays a mum. Because I haven't actually I don't know about Ghost in the Shell.

Geoff 32:19
Oh, wait, no, she is the mum. Sorry. You're right. I think she's the mum. And she opened the door to our daughter. I can't remember anyways, either way.

Georgie 32:25
The point is that a white person is playing

Geoff 32:28
Yeah a white person was playing a Japanese person. But then, you know, the counter argument is that she's actually a cyborg. So like

Georgie 32:37
I heard about that...

Geoff 32:37
The Japanese consciousness being transferred into a white person's body. So yeah, meh.

Georgie 32:43
Meh, but no, still, like, you know what I mean? Yeah.

Geoff 32:47
There's an opportunity for someone Japanese to play and they didn't do it.

Georgie 32:50
Even like, yes. Even somebody who is like, Asian American, like, come on.

Geoff 32:56
Yeah, the only thing, other thing I found annoying about the movie was that because I had watched the original so close to the, to the live action I could spot when they were doing a one to one – one to one mapping of some of the scenes, like it's almost choreographed – to the tee –

Georgie 33:18
So did it look –

Geoff 33:18
From the original anime

Georgie 33:19
So to you did it look, sort of... Yeah, yeah. Like fake.

Geoff 33:24
It looks weird, because they only did it four times in the movie. And it was in like, it was in it's like, kind of original timestamp spot. But it was only those four times. So everything else was like super different. And then they would do this one scene from the original anime just to, I don't know, tie it in or like give some fanservice to the to the people watching.

Georgie 33:49
Oh that‘s so shit.

Geoff 33:50
Yeah, that was really shit.

Georgie 33:52
Do you think if someone watched, like if I watched it, like the live action one because I haven't watched that the anime, if I watched it do you think I could pick up on like, the scenes like, would it be obvious?

Geoff 34:04
I don't think it'd be too obvious. You might find it a bit strange that the quality of choreography might go up a little bit, like everything's kind of mediocre. Oh, this scene is really amazing. But then you're like, Okay, that they all go back to normal. That's what it might feel like.

Georgie 34:21
Actually, yeah, that reminds me of like, because I've watched a lot of movies where I have read the book first. Sometimes I pick up on a line that is exactly like word for word, like verbatim from the book. And maybe it's just because I used to be such a big book fan that I pick up on that and then the dialogue would continue and I'd be like, Oh, that was a bit weird. It probably seems completely normals every person but because I was just like a die hard fan of the book or whatever. I'd be like, Oh, wow. They like totally got that right from the book.

Geoff 35:00
Yeah, I guess it's kind of like if you think about a cameo from a person you actually didn't know. Like, some people would –

Georgie 35:09
Like say you don’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger and then he appears in the thing.

Geoff 35:12
Exactly, exactly.

Georgie 35:14
Oh oh...

Geoff 35:14
So you're watching a movie. Arnie comes in, everyone who knows Arnie goes, oh shit its own. But then you're just like, what's this buff dude doing in this middle of this movie for no reason?

Georgie 35:25
Yeah so there’s a movie on Netflix that has an Asian American, mostly Asian American cast. It's called Always Be My Maybe, it's like a cheesy –

Geoff 35:33
I’ve seen the title. Yeah

Georgie 35:34
Yeah, it's got Ali Wong and

Geoff 35:37
Oh, wait!

Georgie 35:37
Randall Park. Yeah.

Geoff 35:40
Have I seen this?

Georgie 35:41
And it has a cameo from Keanu Reeves. And you imagine if like someone doesn’t know who Keanu Reeves is, and he's so outrageously weird in it. He's so outrageously weird, like, he goes oh, I love you baby. Yeah, you definitely have to check it out if you haven’t watched it, but,

Geoff 36:00
It’s a movie right?

Georgie 36:01
Yeah. Yeah, it's on Netflix. It's a good movie. You will appreciate it cuz it's got Asian Americans in it, but

Geoff 36:07

Georgie 36:08
Yeah. And then I could imagine if somebody just like saw this guy, like, who is this guy with long hair, glasses, you know, hip and cool and so weird. But you watch it as someone who knows Keanu and you're like, Holy fuck, this is hilarious.

Geoff 36:23
This is the best?

Georgie 36:24

Geoff 36:27
See, I think Ghost in the Shell’s kind of like that, where they cameo some of the animated scenes. And it may look awesome and strange at the same time. But actually, on that Asian representation thing, I watched Raya The Last Dragon.

Georgie 36:45
Yeah. Didn’t you say that it wasn't really well done, or like?

Geoff 36:50
So from a Disney perspective, it's pretty okay, the plot’s good. And I think the overall message was good. It's kind of like, doesn't matter where you're from, even though our like countries are fighting each other, we can band together and save the world. And it's like all about diversity and inclusion, and you know, getting along and stuff, making new friends. That's all well and good. Except, like, the whole motif of it is just so wrong. It's supposed to be set in a mythical place. But they they like crafted every – there's like five countries, every country is like a stereotype of Southeast Asian culture, or the Southeast Asian region. So, of course, they have like, there is this major place that's sort of like all very Chinese and like some, some other places, kind of like

Georgie 37:48
Fortune cookies.

Geoff 37:48
And, and, and yeah, but the thing is, so the architecture looks very familiar. And going back to that cameo thing, it's kind of like if you know all the architectures, you'd be like, okay, it's kind of like, including all of them. But at the same time, it's a mythical place. Like, should it be so close?

Georgie 38:09
Yeah. So they’re using, are you saying they are using like, motifs from like, that you see like, like in Chinatown, you see like flags, you see like lanterns and things. It's a little that kind of stuff.

Geoff 38:20
Yeah, yeah. All the, everything

Georgie 38:22
The mythic, it's meant to just be like a another like a fantasy.

Geoff 38:26
Yeah, it's completely supposed to be 100% fantasy. So what you kind of get is, actually there's a very a scene that I vividly remember is when a durian and some rambutan get thrown across the screen.

Georgie 38:39
Wait rambutan, like

Geoff 38:41
Rambutan, the red one. Yeah. And that's it.

Georgie 38:45
Did you fucking say durians.

Geoff 38:46
And durians. Yeah. And that's the reference. And I feel like it's so shallow

Georgie 38:53
That’s fucking cliche man.

Geoff 38:53
It's so shallow.

Georgie 38:55
That's some cliche shit.

Geoff 38:57
Yeah. So at the end of the movie, my my, my siblings, I watched this with my siblings. And I we’re just like, what was the point in all of the Southeast Asian references? Because it had no impact on the story

Georgie 39:10
So if you took them out

Geoff 39:12
It literally yeah

Georgie 39:13
If you took them out and it was fucking blue like avatar or some shit. Like if the whole world, so if you didn't have any of the fucking durian and you just had blue fucking berry things.

Geoff 39:23

Georgie 39:24
And you had like, whatever like fucking fairy lights, it would not have affected the story is what you're saying. The story would be exactly the same.

Geoff 39:33
Yeah, it'll be

Georgie 39:34
It’s about coming together and just like friends and shit.

Geoff 39:38
Yeah, you could replace all of it with alien cultures. And, it would have been fine.

Georgie 39:43
And the message would still be the same. The message about coming together

Geoff 39:46
Absolutely. 100%. So...

Georgie 39:50
Fuck, man.

Geoff 39:51
They're like, this is Southeast Asian inspired. And I remember watching like a little clip where they were like, there is something in this movie for all of Southeast Asia to connect with.

Georgie 40:04

Geoff 40:05
And I was like that is absolute bullshit.

Georgie 40:08
That sounds like bull, yeah, that's fucking fucked, like that's a big claim.

Geoff 40:12

Georgie 40:12
It’s a big fucking claim.

Geoff 40:14
I like durians. I ain't fucking connecting with the durian when it's flying across the screen. Like, all of the cultures didn't get developed in a very deep way for you to feel like oh, that that one's me. That one's my culture. Like

Georgie 40:40

Geoff 40:42
It was just very yeah shallow. It was very

Georgie 40:45
So wait is this Disney or Pixar?

Geoff 40:47
Oh, good question. I think it's this it's Disney. You're right. It's not Pixar’s.

Georgie 40:51
Yeah, cuz I reckon Pixar would do a better job. Have you seen that Pixar short with the bao?

Geoff 40:59
Pixar bao?

Georgie 41:01
Bao, I can’t remember what it's called.

Geoff 41:03

Georgie 41:04
Have you seen it? So this is –

Geoff 41:07
I think so?

Georgie 41:07
Yeah, so this is something that kind of it goes deep. Like this is where you can feel a connection

Geoff 41:13
I’ve never seen this this is cute though.

Georgie 41:16
Yeah, this is like something where a real story was told it wasn't just like a shallow, superficial, like, here’s an icon from a culture. It Like, like, you could really connect with the characters. Because it also, kind of, I think it touched on a couple of things that you could relate to, in the actual traditions and culture and like, I guess I don't know mentality of, of being Asian.

Geoff 41:48
Yeah. There is a movie that I watched recently. Oh, the Abominable. Now Abominable is pretty cute. Let me just bring it up. So Abominable is essentially about this runaway abominable snowman. It got, it got captured. He got captured by this rare animal collector. And then basically it broke out. And then it found this Asian family. It was living on the roof of an apartment building in Chinatown or something like that. Wait, no, this was actually based in China. So just China. And yeah, this one was a little bit better. Because I mean, the family is completely Chinese and the China, but but the problem was that all of them had American accents. Because, because DreamWorks. So every time they spoke, I was like is this San Francisco is this is just Chinatown. No, it's actual real China.

Georgie 42:53
It’s supposed to be just China.

Geoff 42:55
Yeah. And so this Chi– this Chinese girl who's who's lost her father has been like being a little bit emo. But she finds this this Yeti, and she wants to help the Yeti get home. So the Yeti needs to go to the Himalayas. So they go on a journey together to go to go back home. Of course, the the rare animal collector is getting off of them. But this one was nicer. I mean, it was set in China. The characters were living the very Asian life before finding out that this this Yeti existed. And it was centered around family, right? It was like this is a little hint of you know, do you want to sit down and have family dinner with us? Which is very, very typical of us. We always have family dinners. And then she's like, No, I'm not hungry. And it's kind of sad because you know. But she plays violin.

Georgie 44:01
That’s a really Asiany thing isn’t it?

Geoff 44:02
Yeah. Yeah. Like, but then the violin becomes integral.

Georgie 44:07
So that’s like a bit cheesy. That's like

Geoff 44:10
Yeah it's cheesy. But um, but yeah, I think they they weaved in some of the cultural aspects. And that was that was much nicer then like Raya The Last Dragon. Where yeah, none of it. None of the Asian mattered.

Georgie 44:31
Wait, Asians do matter.

Geoff 44:33
Asians matter.

Georgie 44:34
Asian lives matter.

Geoff 44:37
Yeah. And then there's of course, Shang Chi. This is the first Asian main character Asian casted Marvel movie.

Georgie 44:51
Oh that is sick. That is cool. Yeah.

Geoff 44:54
Yeah, I've no idea what it's about.

Georgie 44:56
And I like his name is Shang Shang Chi, and not like fucking, Brian.

Geoff 45:01
Yeah like fucking Brian Chang.

Georgie 45:08

Geoff 45:09
Yeah, Geoff. But it's Simu, this Simu

Georgie 45:15
Oh does he have a martial arts background?

Geoff 45:16
Crazy Rich Asians No he doesn't

Georgie 45:18
Oh yeah, right.

Geoff 45:19
He’s Kim Convenience.

Georgie 45:22
Ah, I have to watch that.

Geoff 45:23
This is a funny TV show. Yeah, I got it on my list. Apparently it gets a little bit racist. Like a little too on the nose stereotype. Like, towards the end even like one of the main actors called it out that like we didn't really like the last season because it was too, yeah too on the nose but yeah, it's pretty fun. He's he's come a long way from Cra– actually was he Crazy Rich Asians? Yeah, he was.

Georgie 45:57
Yeah. That's like the guy in the movie I mentioned Always Be My Maybe, Randall Park. He was in Wong Fu,

Geoff 46:04
Yeah, Randall Park.

Georgie 46:05
He was in Wong Fu videos. And that's where I first heard of him.

Geoff 46:09
Yeah, but Randall Park. Good stuff. You see, Crazy? Oh, almost he didn't actually get on Crazy Rich Asians.

Georgie 46:17
But I recognise this guy, from something else.

Geoff 46:23
Some other stuff. But yeah, the yeah, movies and representation. Always a hot topic. He's coming up in a star, he's in a Star Wars TV show. In any case. So yeah, I think I enjoy TV shows a little bit more I rewatch TV shows. I've got a core set of TV shows that I used to rewatch.

Georgie 46:51
What’s your favourite one to rewatch?

Geoff 46:57
The Office is... probably the US version.

Georgie 47:00
The US one? Ah OK.

Geoff 47:02
Yeah. Probably my favourite.

Georgie 47:05
So I have you watched I have rewatched The End of the F***ing World like, probably like four times. But

Geoff 47:13
This is one recommendation that I haven't watched from you.

Georgie 47:16
Yeah, is it because it sounds too weird and I’m too fucking weird for you?

Geoff 47:21
It's too niche for me. I don't know you're a bit of a weirdo.

Georgie 47:24
I'm a bit of a fucking weirdo.

Geoff 47:26
We're all a bit of a weirdo.

Georgie 47:28
I have heard of some people who've tried to watch it and they didn't like it wasn't really their thing, which is fair enough. But what I really like about it is like in a really nuanced way it tackle – even though it is based on like comic book, it tackles like consent. Like violence. There's a little bit of romance in it. It just it’s done, real – it's done in a good way. But yeah, I will admit it's pretty niche. And it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but it's just like, yeah,

Geoff 47:57
So heavy.

Georgie 47:58
British black humor sort of, yeah, basically in like three episodes. It hits hard, like episode three. So shit goes down. And yeah. That's my favorite TV show, which I want to rewatch and I can't even remember which bloody streaming service is it's on is Futurama. Like, the

Geoff 48:19
Ah, Futurama.

Georgie 48:20
Futurama is mad good. Like, it's, I don't know, it covers a wide variety of topics as well, like, you know, it's funny. It's like it's kind of heartfelt as well at the same time. So yeah, yeah, I like that in a show. And I think that's why I liked Doctor who as well, but I stopped watching after, kind of shortly after Peter Capaldi, became The Doctor. I'm not sure why, like, I just I kind of just lost interest in it. But that was why I liked Doctor Who. It, it was kind of clever, while, kind of having a bit of everything in it. In my opinion. I know. Some people might not agree.

Geoff 48:56
Yeah. Um, the other thing was that I watched... You're talking about something.

Georgie 49:08

Geoff 49:10
Futurama. Got it, yeah. So my parents actually didn't like us watching The Simpsons. They banned us from watching the Simpsons.

Georgie 49:17
Yeah, my mom was a bit like that, too. It was just like this whole American dysfunctional family thing was my mum thought it was a terrible example.

Geoff 49:25
Yeah, but they didn't know anything about the other ones. So I watched Family Guy, arguably, like, just as questionable. And then I watched I've watched Futurama as well. Those are so good as cartoons. And then there's of course, Rick and Morty.

Georgie 49:44
I still haven't watched that. Yeah. Also something I added to my list on Netflix.

Geoff 49:50
So if you like Doctor Who it's kinda like Doctor Who ish.

Georgie 49:55

Geoff 49:57
I don't know. I've already watched maybe one, one or two episodes of Doctor Who like the original season. But essentially I didn't want to watch Rick and Morty, I held off for so long as

Georgie 50:10

Geoff 50:10
Like I watched the first episode and it would, it was a little bit too much.. How would you describe it? Too much irresponsible parenting. Like the uncle. Yeah, the uncle was a little bit too dysfunctional. And he like, forcing the kid into his adventures when the kid clearly didn't want to go. I don't know. It felt kind of strange to watch. To watch how he abused his his, his family. I know it's a little bit too deep for a cartoon.

Georgie 50:52
Actually speaking of deep and cartoons. Another one I started watching which I heard got really deep and like, emotional was his BoJack Horseman.

Geoff 51:02
Are you serious? No way.

Georgie 51:07
Well, okay, so I heard about it after it all ended. And some friends were talking about it. And they were like, holy shit, this is deep. And I was like, fine, I'll just start watching it. And I watched like a few episodes. Which I actually have enjoyed so far. I just never really like kept watching. But yeah, that was

Geoff 51:23
That’s really interesting. Coming from BoJack Horseman though I would never have guessed that they would go that deep. I didn't I didn't. I didn't. I wouldn't expect it to.

Georgie 51:31
So have you ever seen the whole thing? No?

Geoff 51:33
No, I haven't.

Georgie 51:34
Oh so they said it was the last, I think they said was the last season I was like, a killer, so I don't know.

Geoff 51:39
It's one of those things.

Georgie 51:41
Another one somebody wrote a big essay about, and I haven't watched any of it. But Adventure Time, someone wrote a big essay about how that actually tackles some pretty deep things while still being like, basically a children's show.

Geoff 51:55
Yeah so Adventure Time is another one I avoided.

Georgie 51:59
Oh, why is that?

Geoff 52:01
I thought it was kind of like an endless random dribble, that will set my IQ back

Georgie 52:08
Yeah, OK...

Geoff 52:08
...whilst watching it. And I recently saw I recently watched the first three episodes. It's still very, very random. I don't know how I feel about some of the randomness. But yeah, I guess with any of these kind of cartoons you give them like maybe a couple seasons and to develop some kind of plot because Rick and Morty was like that where they like sporadically went on random adventures and then, and then they started putting together a few more a few more plot driven stuff and then you start to, you start to actually care about the characters a little bit more.

Georgie 52:49
I think this ties into the point you made earlier about how with a TV show you kind of have more time to spend on like each of the seasons and as it grows over time, which

Geoff 52:59
That’s also the problem Yeah. Because they they have to spend a lot they can spend a lot of time and you sit there wondering when they're going to get to the fucking point.

Georgie 53:10
Well then if you don't, if you’re not into it, you just abandon it right?

Geoff 53:13
No, so with Rick and Morty,

Georgie 53:15
You have patience? You have patience?

Geoff 53:17
I have commitment. If I watch if I've gone through like the first two seasons or something I will finish it that it's like I will push through even though I don't actually like what I'm watching.

Georgie 53:30
Wait, have you seen Breaking Bad?

Geoff 53:32
Yes, yes.

Georgie 53:33
Have you watched the whole thing?

Geoff 53:35
Yes, I have watched the whole thing.

Georgie 53:36
Okay, dude, dude, speaking of commitment, I've got until like the end of season three which is where shit actually got good and I stopped.

Geoff 53:45
What! Yeah I can’t do that.

Georgie 53:47
No, I just I don’t know it was, so you know, I don't know why I stopped watching it just got too much for me. It was like I guess it was getting slightly far fetched what it was stunning to stretch a little bit and get really tiring and I spoke to an old friend at the time I was watching it, who said that the reason it's kind of like so good is because it's very realistic and it's kind of believable and it goes on and on like it draws you in because it actually is to some extent really believable even though some of the stuff in it is questionable, bad, whatever, morals, etc. But yeah, I think it just it did that way too much for me that I just got so damn sick of it. And I think that's why I kind of stopped.

Geoff 54:32
The – that's kind of like the pitfall of TV shows is like, when is it good to stop? Can they stop because they're making money so should they stop? And that's kind of it.

Georgie 54:48
The fanservice thing too.

Geoff 54:51
Yeah. And it kind of gets out of hand where they’re like um, the best place to stop is now or, or the writers don't get to choose when they stop, right? They just get canned sometimes. And then it becomes really shit. Because they have to try and stop the show, or end it really soon.

Georgie 55:12

Geoff 55:12
Soon as they were writing it.

Georgie 55:14
So this is what I like about The End of the F***ing World is it stopped at two seasons. So the first one was based on the comic books, and the second one was like original material. And the writer was like, well, I can't remember the writer, or the producer, she she said, like, we’re not doing it anymore. Like they left it at a point where you kind of speculate the – actually I shouldn’t spoil it. Well, you can only speculate what happens. It's not, it's not clear, the story could go somewhere else. But they chose not to do that. Because they just felt like it was enough. And I like I liked that. Because like, we're just left in a pretty content spot as an audience, and it's like, we could have more like, we want more, we could have more but it's – it's okay, as well. And they're happy with where they've left it, which I think is kind of the best outcome for any production to be honest.

Geoff 56:01
Yeah. And speaking of things that should probably end: this podcast.

Georgie 56:06

Geoff 56:06
Thanks everybody for joining us on another episode of Toast & Roast. Don't forget to follow us on all the big ones, Apple podcasts, Spotify, the big film

Georgie 56:24
Theatre with nobody sitting in it.

Geoff 56:27
Oh my god, the big empty theater. Yeah. Sad, isn't it?

Georgie 56:32
You can follow us on social media at toastroastpod on Instagram and Twitter. And let us know what you’ve been watching recently.

Geoff 56:42
Oh, yes, yes, let us, let us know what you repeat watch and what you wouldn't repeat watch.

Georgie 56:52
I like that.

Geoff 56:53
And we'll see you next week, bye.

Georgie 56:56
See you next week. Bye.